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Rok Černec
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Date: 8th Aug 2019

Tier 0 Program— Tackle Bigger Development Challenges And Earn

The ARK Tier 0 (zero) Program is now officially open for all developers to jump in and tackle bigger and more impactful development challenges. These projects will further the ARK Ecosystem, providing additional functionalities for users, developers and companies using ARK products or services.

Tier 0 Program is available at https://ark.io/projects

What is the Tier 0 Program

The Tier 0 Program is a new and exciting way for our community of open-source developers to get involved in the development of ARK. This program allows any developer to contribute to the Ecosystem and work on a larger, more impactful project rather than hunting through code and GitHub repos. This program will be much more focused, with higher payouts, open-sourced and include publicly available milestone accountability.

The new Tier 0 Program is an extension of our already successful and long-running open-source GitHub Development Bounty program, but with more challenging tasks, bigger projects and higher rewards.

Note: Tier 0 Program projects do not qualify for the monthly “Top Contributor Bonus” from our normal GitHub Bounty Program. Any other contributions made outside of the Tier 0 Program will still qualify.

We will post publicly available Tier 0 Program projects on the ARK website’s projects page. These publicly listed projects are available for anyone to claim and begin working on. While work is being done, everyone will be able to follow along with milestone accomplishments and full updates showing current progress, similar to the official ARK.io roadmap.

Tier 0 Program will have a wide variety of difficulty levels and associated timeframes. Once we have completed the specifications for a potential Tier 0, it will be posted on the website and announced via social media, Slack, and Discord. Not all Tier 0 projects will be developer-oriented either, some may consist of other tasks.

All Tier 0 projects will be posted at higher rates than normal bounties, but also come with much more responsibility and greater accountability. These projects can be done in your free time but will have expected completion and milestone timeframes.

How do I apply for a Tier 0 project?

Go visit our custom projects page at https://ark.io/projects and from there you can see a list of available projects with open applications. You can filter projects by Project (Core, Wallets, Explorer, …) and apply for the project you’d like to claim.

You can click on a project name or click on the read more button on the right side of each project to read specifications, requirements and if you’re up to the task, apply to develop the project.

Example of requirements and information about a specific projectExample of requirements and information about a specific project

If you have found something you or your team wants to work on, the only thing you need to do is read the requirements and write a comment on Github telling us you want to work on it, how you want to tackle it, how much time you need, and why you are the right choice for the job. Our development team will review your application and get in contact with you with further information and a decision on whether or not you have been awarded the Project.

Keep in mind that while you may apply for more than one project, you are only authorized to have one (1) awarded project under development at a time. If you apply for multiple projects, we will pick the one we believe you are best suited for and any additional projects may be awarded to other developers.

Navigating the project’s website

The program has already begun and some projects can already be followed via the projects page under the “In Development” section. This is great for open accountability with the entire community.

A list of projects currently in development under Tier 0 can be seen in the tableA list of projects currently in development under Tier 0 can be seen in the table

As you can see, all projects have categories and links to GitHub to read more about the project. There is also a listing of the current payout for each project based on the USD equivalent.

Under the “In Development” section, you can see the developers name that has been awarded the project. You can also follow their progress from start to finish.

By clicking on the project name you can see an in-depth progress page with details on the project including milestones.

Full scope of the task and its milestones, status and moreFull scope of the task and its milestones, status and more

Some of the smaller projects won’t have as many milestones and the tasks will be less extensive, but due to transparency, we will be opening this for every project so those browsing the website can see what has been done in the past.

How do I get paid?

Payments are made after successful completion and agreements between you and our team. Payments are made in ARK or BTC (at the sole discretion of ARK team) based on USD value at the time of the payout (so you are not prone to market swings that could happen during your development).

Note: Since these projects bring greater challenges, which constitute bigger monetary rewards, you will be required to do KYC or issue an invoice in order to receive payment. This requirement is non-negotiable.

Are you going to be adding more projects?

The Tier 0 Program has just begun (officially), but stay tuned for more projects to be added soon. We are going to be adding a lot more projects in the upcoming weeks and months (with even bigger scope and rewards), but some require that we first finish some of our own development milestones to enable their development.

Each new project that will get added will be announced via social media for extra exposure and to keep everyone in the loop. Who knows, it could be a project that will suit you!

We are also going to be doing a monthly overview of the Tier 0 projects that were added during the month, are newly awarded to a developer or have been recently completed. This will help keep the entire community apprised of the great accomplishment of our community developers and show how together, we are all working towards a stronger ecosystem.

I have a great idea that I think could be part of Tier 0 Program

We know that some of you have really great ideas we haven’t even thought of yet. If you have an idea for something that you think would benefit the wider Ecosystem and believe it could be tackled with the help of Tier 0, please send us an email to *info@ark.io or contact us via the *contact form.


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