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Ray Alvarez
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Date: 5th May 2020

Unikname Joins the Powered by ARK Program and Successfully Launches Their Livenet

May 4th, 2020 marked an important milestone for the team at Unikname. With the support of their 23 delegates, the uns.network is now live! As a Powered by ARK project, the team members at Unikname have been working closely with ARK and we congratulate them on this important step. Let’s explore their Livenet launch in more detail, and the timely solutions they have devised.

One of our most important assets is our personal data. Yet companies we interact with daily are continually subject to data breaches and security vulnerabilities. During the first half of 2019 alone, over 4.1 billion records containing personal identifying information were exposed. Combine this with email-phishing and companies selling your data to third parties and the problem becomes apparent. Our data is constantly exposed online and the majority of companies are ill-equipped to implement proper safeguards. Unikname through their solutions and network are looking to remedy this problem.

Building the Foundation

Unikname’s Livenet is part of the uns.network. The main purpose of this network is to secure decentralized IDs on the blockchain and to provide users with ultimate control over their identifier, giving the user final say of who can access and use their data. These IDs which are rooted in the blockchain, are private and unique to each user. Each user will register for a Unikname identifier that will allow them to access websites and services on the web without compromising their privacy.

The uns.network itself has been built on top of ARK’s blockchain framework and utilizes features inherent in the ARK Core. The team at Unikname has also added on and customized ARK’s highly adaptable and flexible framework to suit their goals. For example, the uns.network is running on a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus with 23 participating delegates. These delegates are comprised of three different groups:

  • Organizations: 10 representatives from varying organizations that utilize Unikname’s solution: Unikname Connect.
  • Individuals: 10 individuals who hold UNS Credits.
  • Network Community Actors: 3 community actors who work for the network and are appointed by the Unikname Team.

If you would like to learn more about how this works, check out Unikname’s Livenet Launch Press Release. You can also become part of the uns.network by learning more here.

A Solution Powered By ARK

By building on ARK and becoming a part of the Powered by ARK program, the collaboration between ARK and Unikname has strengthened both projects. Unikname has been able to utilize the ARK Core framework to develop and easily customize their network. While ARK receives constant feedback from Unikname which we use to improve our products.

Recently, Unikname CEO Laurent Laurenco and Marketing Executive Marine Pasquet appeared on the ARK Crypto Podcast to discuss Unikname’s vision, their experience with ARK, and how their Livenet launch will enable them to accomplish their goals. You can listen to the podcast in its entirety below:

As with all Powered by ARK members, our goal is to provide a support system for projects that are building on ARK. All PBA members have the ability to share ideas with our team, provide feedback, receive support from our development team, and build relationships within and between our community.

If you are a project building on ARK you can learn more about the Powered by ARK program here .

The team at ARK would like to extend our congratulations to Unikname on a smooth Livenet launch and we cannot wait to see what the future has in store for them!


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