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Rok Černec
Reading time: 2 min
Date: 24th Sep 2018

Vasil Dimov — ARK’s Newest Core Developer

The ARK team is expanding rapidly and we are pleased to announce the hiring of our 4th new developer during the past 2 months! Please welcome Vasil Dimov from Bulgaria.

Vasil’s professional developer story began in 1999 at a local web-design company in Bulgaria as their main web developer, and then as a software engineer and network administrator at an internet retail shop. In the early 2000s he joined a financial software company, developing for the biggest banks and online payment processors in Bulgaria.

In 2007 he started as a software engineer at MySQL/Oracle where he helped in developing and engineering the InnoDB storage engine for MySQL with some of his new concepts still in use today. Part of his recent job at MySQL was developing a replacement of the MEMORY storage engine. In 2015–2016 he helped a startup company in implementing a next generation search engine for an air travel consulting business.

Just prior to joining ARK he was a developer at Codership, working on the Galera cluster for MySQL, MariaDB and other DB solutions.

He is a passionate open-source contributor and has reported numerous bugs and solutions to many projects including FreeBSD, Mozilla, OpenSSL, Wget, Xorg, Bitcoin, Monero, ngrep, stunnel and others. He also has experience with IPFS, which is a very valuable milestone on the ARK roadmap as we integrate IPFS as a first class citizen within our ecosystem.

Vasil’s programming skills include C, C++ and JavaScript. He can tackle any challenge that is thrown at him. He also has a vast interest in cryptography and solving logical problems, which will play a big part in the ARK Core development during the upcoming months.

Part of his initial tasks at ARK will be optimizing and restructuring PostgreSQL DB integration, making it more stable, reliable and squeezing the best performance out of it. This will be followed by re-coding the ARK Core transaction pool plugin and making it run on an in-memory + SQLite custom database instead of Redis for improved performance and reliability.

We welcome Vasil into ARK’s family and hope he will enjoy working for ARK as much as we do!


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