Be A Delegate

At the heart of the ARK Public Network are our delegates. Tasked with both securing the network and validating blocks, ARK Delegates have an integral role to play. To ensure we have the best people for the job we're always encouraging new delegates to register and compete for a forging position. If you think you can help secure the network and add value to the broader ecosystem, learn how to become a delegate here.

What is a Delegate?

The ARK Public Network is governed by 51 forging delegates through a modified Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus model. These delegates run nodes that both secure and validate new blocks. Almost anyone can run an ARK node and register a delegate, but only delegates voted into the top 51 positions (by vote share) will be eligible to forge new blocks. These forging spots are highly competitive and delegates can be voted in/out of a forging position at any time.

Join the Delegate Community

Our delegates are always on hand to help answer questions, give support or let you know what it really takes to be an ARK delegate. Join the ARK Slack to get involved with the delegate community. Join ARK Slack

The Process

Registering a delegate is easy, here's how the process works...

ARK Delegates

Visit our community-run delegate resource for more information on delegate proposals and how to submit your own
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