ARK Developer Documentation

Guides, tutorials, SDKs and more. Everything you need to start building with ARK

ARK Learn

Want to learn how to develop a blockchain application? Our helpful tutorials help you learn everything you need to know from custom transactions to general blockchain development.

ARK Guides

Want to learn how to use your ARK wallets? Explore our blockchain capability? Interested in learning how to setup and secure your node? Find it all and more in our official ARK Guides.


The ARK Ecosystem empowers you to build your blockchain application in a programming language that's familiar to you. Our SDKs provide support and guidance for 12+ languages including Typescript, Python and Java.


Detailed information and guides for all available Core APIs, including installation and configuration guides for Public Rest API, Webhook API and more.

ARK Deployer

Want to build a blockchain with ARK Deployer but need a little help? Here you’ll find all the instructions and explanations you need to get your bridgechain up and running.

ARK Exchanges

Are you an exchange looking to integrate ARK into your platform? Take a look at our tutorials, guides and information to get going...

ARK Whitepaper

Want to get back to basics? Read the ARK Whitepaper, with insight into introductory blockchain concepts, outlines of the ARK Ecosystem's goals, and conversational overviews of ARK technology.

ARK Answers

All the transcripts from the AMAs and Developer Roundtables. If you’ve ever had a question about ARK, our products, or our development, you’ll probably find the answers you’re looking for here...