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ARK Core Node

Installing and running ARK Core adds a relay node to the network, increasing redundancy. Relay nodes can become Delegate nodes and forge ARK coins through ARK's specialized DPoS algorithm.
Server Specs
Release Notes

Desktop Wallet

New Wallet Available Q4 2020
The ARK Desktop Wallet is natively built for all major operating systems such as Windows, macOS or Linux. Our full HD wallet meets the top security standards in the industry wallets.
Release Notes
Downloads previous version 2.9.4 of the wallet

Mobile Wallet

New Wallet Available Q1 2021
The ARK Mobille Wallet is natively built for all major operating systems such as Android and iOS. The wallet enables managing funds while on the go.
Release Notes
Downloads previous version 1.8.6 of the wallet

Additional Products & Solutions

ARK has a thriving community of users, developers, and innovative projects working together to build one of the most exciting ecosystems in the Blockchain industry.
Track balances and view recent transactions and blocks as well as Delegate network activity.
Discover and list Businesses, Delegates, Blockchains and Applications in MarketSquare.
Create, customize and launch a Blockchain with no coding required using Deployer.
Connect with the leading enterprise solutions provider for ARK technology.
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