ARK Grants

ARK Grants is a new funding program dedicated to helping bring innovative ideas to the ARK Ecosystem. This program is designed to help fund Proof-of-Concept plugins and applications built on the ARK Core Framework. Keep reading to find out how you can apply today!

How to Apply

You can apply to ARK Grants in 3 Simple Steps
Step 1 Submit your Application to View Application
Step 2 Review your application with the Team & make any necessary adjustments
Step 3 Await the results of the Project Review Board
Once the Project Review Board has made a decision, they will reach out to you with details of the next steps. If your project is not accepted, you will receive feedback from the team on our decision and how you can improve your project application should you choose to apply again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your most common questions or read our ARK Grants Program Documentation for full Guidelines.
ARK Grants is a real program by a real business. As such, we require real personal information and verification for our applicants along with proper invoices for payment. The project must be open source and the code will be maintained on a repository hosted by and available to everyone and may be used for educational purposes by the Team. The Team will not run a live version of the project and will simply make the code available in it’s completed state.

Project funding will be determined based on the category of the project being submitted.

Funding ranges are broken down into categories as follows:

  • Proof-of-Concept - [up to $2,500 USD] - PoC projects are projects that create a new and innovative way to use ARK Blockchain technology but are not full production applications. These PoCs serve as examples for developers and a strong starting point for a full fledged blockchain application.
  • Desktop Wallet Plugin - [up to $5,000 USD] - Desktop Wallet Plugins are projects that are created specifically to add new and exciting functionality to the ARK Desktop Wallet.
  • Full Production Web Application - [up to $10,000 USD] - Full Production Web Applications are projects that feature new and exciting ways to use and interface with data maintained on the ARK Public Network and provide new utility for the network, the ARK Token, or the users.
Applications should be completed using the ARK Grants Application Template. Please fill out all information as requested, to include your personal contact information for coordination of your application. Applications can be submitted to Project reviews may take up to 14 days for initial review of your application. During this time, the team will reach out to you with any questions or comments on your application.

Apply Now

What are you waiting for? With 1 Million ARK fully dedicated towards funding new proposals, now is the perfect time to get involved. Submit your application now and we will be in touch. We look forward to working together and can't wait to see what you come up with!