ARK Crypto Podcast - Episode #38

Keys to Freedom Syndication & ARK Marketing Interviews

Episode Description

ARK Crypto Podcast #038 - Keys to Freedom Syndication & ARK Marketing Interviews The thirty-eighth episode of the ARK Crypto Podcast is here! This week we syndicate a video recently released by YouTube channel Dirk Crypto Diggy for the "Keys to Freedom" series. Diggy touches on some strengths of ARK and how it's separates itself from other projects. Keep in mind that this syndication is not an official endorsement by of the channel or content, and the opinions expressed are their own and their own only. Afterwards, we dive into two exclusive interviews recently conducted in Paris, where we get to know our recent marketing hires Kai and Katie a little better. This is just the tip of the iceberg, and we are looking forward to their skills being unleashed within the ecosystem and beyond. Enjoy!

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Interviews & Special Guests Syndications
10th May 2019
Hosted by Justin Renken Senior Brand Manager


00:00:10 Introduction
00:01:53 Dirk Crypto Diggy begins
00:04:45 ARK rank
00:05:02 ARK website
00:05:30 ARK marketing
00:06:00 ARK updates
00:09:30 ARK team
00:10:28 Transparency of finances
00:15:05 Interviews with Kai & Katie
00:15:38 Katie introduction
00:16:35 ARK strengths
00:18:15 ARK Solutions
00:19:08 ARK & Enterprises
00:20:15 ARK Outreach
00:22:22 ARK Consensus 2019
00:23:35 Kai introduction
00:24:00 France & blockchain
00:24:45 ARK & France
00:26:20 Industries of interest
00:27:30 IOT
00:30:18 Wrapup

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