ARK Crypto Podcast - Episode #52

The ARK Crypto Podcast Celebrates One Year of Episodes

Episode Description

The fifty-second episode of the ARK Crypto Podcast is here! This week we celebrate a huge milestone for the show- one year of episodes! A huge thanks to all the listeners and supporters who make this show possible. In this episode, we have assembled soundbytes from many episodes throughout the year for you to listen to. It's a great walk down memory lane and also work pretty well as an episode to check out for a well-rounded overview of ARK. Aside from this celebration, we are please to announce the ARK Crypto Podcast will be relaunching as The Podcast soon. That means official presence on the website, more outreach initiatives, and more diverse content. To facilitate this reimagining of the podcast, the show will go on hiatus for a few weeks. Expect it to return soon bigger and better than ever. Enjoy!

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Roundups & Wrapups
20th September 2019
1h 15m
Hosted by Justin Renken Senior Brand Manager


00:01:16 Big announcement
00:01:54 New ARK Adventure
00:02:33 Clip from Episode 1 of ARK Crypto Podcast: An overview of ARK
00:03:10 Episode 2: Overview of bridgechains, dApps and scalability
00:03:59 Episode 3: ARK estabilishes business entity in France
00:04:15 Episode 4: ARK, Fiat and inflation
00:08:02 Episode 6: Travis explains why developers should use ARK
00:13:34 Episode 10: Mass adoption vs mass participation
00:14:16 Episode 11: How voting works
00:31:48 Episode 22: Making blockchains easy for everyone
00:32:46 Episode 24: Scalability of ARK
00:42:52 Episode 31: ARK's Development Bounties
00:45:29 Episode 34: Our approach to smart contracts
00:49:04 Episode 36: ARK Logic
00:58:30 Episode 42: ARK's Developer tools and resources
01:12:07 Episode 51: ARK Roadmap

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Show Notes

Episode Transcript

ARK Crypto Podcast 052

ARK Crypto Podcast Celebrates One Year of Episodes

Hello, crypto land. I’m Justin. Iiiiiiit’s Friday and it’s Episode 52 of the ARK Crypto Podcast. That means one One Year of the ARK Crypto Podcast!

What an awesome day! I almost can’t believe we’ve come this far, and you know there are listeners out there that have heard every single episode and I have so much thanks to give all of you out there for supporting me and the ARK Crypto Podcast and making this whole thing possible. Without you it wouldn’t exist.

In this episode we’re going to walk down memory lane and listen to clips from episodes throughout the year and it’s going to be a great time, I promise you! In fact, this would make a pretty good episode to jump into ARK for the first time! You’ll kind of get the whole gamut, the whole spectrum of ARK content and concepts.

So, aside from expressing my deepest thanks to all of you out there in the community who have been listening all of these months, I have a big announcement to give regarding the ARK Crypto Podcast. Moving forward soon, the ARK Crypto Podcast will be rebranded and merged to become the Podcast, and yeah, we’re going to get an official area in the website, we’re going to get special promotions and support outreach regarding the podcast. This is awesome! We’re also going to be revolving the formula a little bit to give you more diverse content. So in order to make all the preparations we need to do to get all these parts moving and gears turning we’re going to be taking a hiatus of a few weeks of the ARK Crypto Podcast while we get everything all set up and then we will relaunch as the Podcast a few weeks from now.

Also, another huge piece of news, the newest ARK Adventure is out where I travel to Indianapolis, Indiana for the Brickyard 400 NASCAR race featuring the ARK 32 NASCAR, along with Co-Founder Travis Walker and that adventure is looking slick! If you have not seen it yet, you must see it! It looks like it could be on the front page of YouTube, and it’s my first video that has gone truly viral I would say. I think it’s 5,000 views and it hasn't even been 24 hours yet. So I am over the moon, everything is cool, Podcast soon, ARK YouTube ramping up and going to become even more awesome, let’s go!

So, let’s get into these clips from the past year of podcast episodes, I hope you enjoy, and thanks for supporting the ARK Ecosystem.

We’re going to start with Episode 001…

ARK aims to create an entire ecosystem of linked chains by providing easy to use tools to deploy your own blockchain. Being highly flexible and adaptable, it allows products to be adopted by the general public much quicker and smoother. By having open source code, it is available to anyone who wants to contribute, or build their own blockchain based on the ARK technology stack.

Episode 002…

Will these pushbutton deployed chains be relying on ARK? No, not inherently. Not like how ERC20s rely on the Ethereum blockchain where fees or gas are paid in ether. ARK's scalability plan works by segregating DApps into their own blockchains as to not bog down the main ARK chain. This also has the effect of decoupling the DApp/bridge chain's coin from the ARK coin.

Now, you might ask, doesn't this mean the ARK coin is useless then? But no, every chain deployed using the ARK stack will be automatically integrated with the greater ARK Ecosystem out of the box. Of course, they can always choose not to and modify their core codebase to be incompatible with the ARK protocol while getting the codebase, plugins, fancy wallets and explorer for free.

Episode 003…

ARK has successfully established a collective structured business entity in France, the first of its kind for crypto in the country. This will help ARK stay relevant as regulations develop. ARK is also working with France to help draft regulatory ICO frameworks.

Episode 004…

With ARK you have a fixed quantity and an annually. It’s 7,884,000 every year. With fiat it’s a wildly fluctuating quantity annually. It’s not like $10 billion dollars are created every year, it’s like a random number that’s determined by some people, are created every year and it can very drastically. There’s no like, real like, solid rules to it and crisis kind of make all the rules get thrown out the window when they do occur. With ARK you have a declining percentage annually, as we saw in the graph, with fiat it’s a variable percentage annually. So like sometimes it’s like 1% inflation that year, and sometimes it’s like 6% and sometimes it just like has to be guessed by economists, who are like ‘I think it’s 9, I think it’s 4%.’ With ARK you know what’s going on at all times and you cannot have a politician that says, this year let’s make 9% more ARK’s, that’s not a thing, okay? Not only that but it’s not compounding, the system is not saying well, let’s make 10% more ARK every year, okay? That’s not a thing. It’s a declining percentage, a fixed quantity.

Episode 005…

You know, incidentally, ARK didn’t even meet its funding goal for the token exchange campaign back in 2016, and because of this, they gave investors the opportunity to get their original crypto back and kind of undo their participation in the token exchange campaign, and they ended up with less than $1,000,000 to start up ARK.

Now, I bring that up to tell you that clearly, they decided to do it anyway, and they decided to build ARK anyway, and you know, that shows a lot of drive and determination within the founding team of ARK, and I think that’s very important when attaching yourself to a project, especially in a highly speculative emerging market. You really need these people who are willing to deliver and make things happen, rain or shine, day or night, come what may, because, you know, I do believe that the vast majority of crypto projects that we see today will die and people will just start giving up, and I wasn’t willing to invest my time, my energy, my skills and talents, and, let’s face it, my money, into a project with a reasonable chance of the team giving up and it’s not going to be a tweet like, hey, we decided to just give up. It’s going to be a slow, undetectable decay of effort, and it will be very hard to understand when it’s time for you, as a community member, to just cut ties and run.

So, I really appreciate ARK’s core values within the team of doing it and building it, and making this blockchain for everyone, blockchain so easy, blockchain nirvana thing, happen, with the best efforts possible, and this is just my personal opinion, but I believe that ARK is in a prime position to be that endeavor that sucks up all the community members and people who want to actually do stuff and get them to focus on a common goal.

Episode 006…

K-DUB: Is there anything else that you kind of wanted to go over that we might have missed? Some other things that really help to separate you from all these other competitors that are out there?

Travis: Yeah. What I wanted to say to a lot of developers out there, and a lot of people that are focused on Ethereum development and just building a token or anything like that, holding an ICO, anything like that, you’re holding the ICO so you can make your own blockchain, so you can find developers, so you can do all of this stuff, when you can just go to ARK. You can look at it, spin up your own blockchain, not have to worry about that cryptographer you would have hired for $400,000,000. You could have already had your own project running.

K-DUB: Right.

Travis: If you had your own token on your own blockchain, not been tied down by something like Ethereum. Because if Ethereum goes down, all of those tokens go down with it. They’re all built on top of the network, whereas with ARK, you’re running parallel with ARK. If ARK goes its own way, you don’t have to follow it. You can have your own network at all times.

Here’s Episode 007…

Justin: Matt, since I have you here, I did want to bring up some discussion about all the recent hires, like myself being one of them. How is that going? Like, I know that ARK has been hiring a lot of people in recent months. I did see a lot of community support and appreciation for these hires, especially, you know, I’m speaking for myself here, but I really liked it when ARK started aggressively hiring people, especially from the community, during such a dark bearish time. I find that to be quite an optimistic play because, you know, when a company is hiring people, that means they’re intending to put it to the grindstone, pedal to the metal and continue to accelerate and make things happen, as opposed to seeing those photos drop off their webpage and then you’re like, okay, now what, and they’re saying oh, we’re making it more lean, but really, they’re just kind of scaling out. So, I really liked that ARK is hiring people when the price is at the lowest, to be honest.

Matt: This industry doesn’t sleep. It goes a mile a minute, and so, we can’t rest on our laurels, and we have these ideas. We’ve got the systems. We’ve designed a lot of them. We’re ready to go, but we need to be more efficient. We need to be able to work faster to keep up with the industry in the way that it’s moving forward, and so one of the things we realized a while back was that our team just wasn’t big enough to accomplish all of the things we wanted to do. Some of the things we need to be able to do concurrent development. We need to be able to push harder on marketing. We need to be able to get the word out and help bridge some of that adoption and find partnerships and that just requires manpower. So, we decided to really start expanding. You know, money is not an issue. We’ve got budget for years. We can easily go on for a decade at this point. So, the real piece is we don’t really want to go on for a decade and not accomplish anything because we don’t have enough team members to work at the pace that we need to, to keep up with the industry, and so we started this hiring process. We started expanding our team and looking for the right people and I love the way that we did it, because most of the people that came on to ARK had either proven themselves through, you know, Github contributions, through the community development, through really already being a part of ARK and showing what they’re capable of, but now we can expand the role and bring them into the fold and really get them pushing on some of these new features that we think are going to be really exciting. So, the hiring is going great. We’ve got some really awesome candidates that have started working and I can already see the difference in our development room, in the team, just in the excitement and all of the things we’re getting accomplished now. I think it’s great. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but everybody says I’m so excited you hired sticker guy. Like, that’s your moniker, sticker guy, so.

Justin: Sticker guy! Hey, I like it. Well, I really have a lot of fun with ARK, and I’ve been a community member for many, many months and I have no problem contributing my time, my talents and helping ARK any way I can, and it was just only that much more exciting when I went through a very arduous interview process with Matt and other board members and finally was approved as a member of the team. It was a really cool feeling. It was a really cool day and I’m really happy to be a member of the team.

Episode 009…

Here we go. The describe ARK in one block time contest winner is, Tyler J. Keening. “ARK empowers everyone, regardless of their aim or technical background, to quickly and easily leverage blockchain technology.” Why did this person win? Why did Tyler win? Personally, a few reasons, some of which I already about when we discussed this entry. But, the first three words. The first three words really jumped out at me and never went away. ARK empowers everyone. ARK empowers everyone. If you’re saying that not everyone can utilize blockchain technology, they’ve got your back regardless of your aim or technical background. ARK empowers everyone.

If you think that it’s gonna be difficult to utilize blockchain technology with ARK, don’t. Don’t think that, because it’s quick and easy. You can leverage blockchain technology. Blockchain technology isn’t the solution in and of itself, you leverage it in order to achieve your goals and your dreams, and your passions. That’s how it’s supposed to work. ARK empowers everyone to be able to do that. Tyler, thank you so much for your submission, you won. We’re going to send you ARK by way of ARK tipper, Reddit Tip Bot by Delegate Cryptology.

You’re going to get ARK and be able to redeem that ARK, keep it in your wallet, withdraw it, tip other people with it, do whatever you like with it. Congratulations. Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the contest. As always, thanks for supporting the ARK ecosystem.

Episode 010…

Mass participation, I hear mass adoption a lot and what is mass adoption? Is mass adoption just, “I have ARK and I give you the ARK and you give me a hotdog and a bunch of people do that?” Is that mass adoption?

It seems kind of simple to me. I think that mass participation makes a little bit more sense because in blockchain world, there are so many opportunities that people can take advantage of that they might not be exposed to in their everyday lives. Once people get accustomed to that, then they’ll be able to use those opportunities to participate in the ecosystem. They’re not just consumers that are like buying stuff with cryptocurrency. They’re also participants who are helping add value to the ecosystem.

It’s not just about the people who have their pictures on the website adding value to the ecosystem, guys. It’s about everyone who’s participating in the ecosystem acting as a participant. You want to give everyone a place to fit in within the ecosystem. AKR does this very well.

Episode 011…

Mass participation, I hear mass adoption a lot and what is mass adoption? Is mass adoption just, “I have ARK and I give you the ARK and you give me a hotdog and a bunch of people do that?” Is that mass adoption?

It seems kind of simple to me. I think that mass participation makes a little bit more sense because in blockchain world, there are so many opportunities that people can take advantage of that they might not be exposed to in their everyday lives. Once people get accustomed to that, then they’ll be able to use those opportunities to participate in the ecosystem. They’re not just consumers that are like buying stuff with cryptocurrency. They’re also participants who are helping add value to the ecosystem.

It’s not just about the people who have their pictures on the website adding value to the ecosystem, guys. It’s about everyone who’s participating in the ecosystem acting as a participant. You want to give everyone a place to fit in within the ecosystem. AKR does this very well.

The top 51 delegates voluntarily share the new Ark tokens with their voters, increasing their voters’ holdings through inflation that decays towards zero over time. What this means is that if you are voting, you are doing two very important things. You are contributing your voice to the network governance system that is saying who gets to have a say in the network and who doesn’t in terms of being able to create new Ark tokens and add transactions to the ledger and run unique and valuable Ark services, receive funding for those services. So you have a say in all that.

Episode 014…

Paul: Okay, interesting. A little bit of what you described there it’s real similar to the problem of getting off chain data into a chain.

Justin: Right

Paul: Yeah

Justin: Oracle, the oracle problem. In a way that’s like-

Ken: … Oracle. The Oracle problem, in a way that decentralized and secure, and so forth. And, there are some, currently some solutions that do that in a way that requires trust. What are some of the things that we need to do? Are any of you guys working on this idea that there’s data outside of the block chain that is important data to the block chain?

Justin: Well, it’s interesting that you ask. I’ll just be brief.

Ken: Okay.

Justin: ARK is very extensible, and we have well over a dozen SDK’s and different programming languages including C and C + + that you can utilize in to interact with ARK. So, if you have a node, and you’re running a delegate node, it doesn’t have to be a forging delegate node, but you can plug things in on your block chain that you’re deploying on your own, and communicate with outside services. Now, whether or not you need a network to validate the authenticity of that data, and have multiple sources confirming the same data, to make sure that it’s authentic, that is up to you when you’re deploying that. But, ARK has a lot of inputs and outputs, ports, plug-ins, it’s a very modular structure, and we’re releasing a new Core, CORE v2 we call it, within in the next coming weeks, that will give developers a lot more power and the network will be a lot more stable because we’re redesigning all the code from scratch.

Episode 016…

Let’s move on to the next question, which is GGARK. Okay, GGARK asks, ‘I heard about the plugin system, but I’m not clear on it. What benefit does that have for the average user?’ Okay. Great. So, I understand the kind of source of this question, which is I don’t quite see the benefit for the average user, can you explain it. It makes sense. This system isn’t necessarily giving a direct benefit to the average user, where now that we have a plugin system, you can click on this button and it’s achieved this amazing goal. It’s more like a positioning of infrastructure to allow for seamless and rapid development of products for the end user, both on the ARK MainNet and on ARK bridge chains.

So, let’s go into that a little bit more. So, ARK is open source, as you should know by now, and what that means is you have people collaborating all over the world, some of which barely know each other and definitely don’t, you know, walk down the hall, knock on the office door and say hey, I have a question about this, or hey, how does that work. So, when you have all of this collaboration occurring simultaneously, you need a lot of structure. This is why there’s these pull requests, commits, this is why Github has value basically, is that it acts as infrastructure for global collaboration on projects.

So, here’s the issue, is that in general, like, with, especially blockchains, there’s very little or no room for error. If there’s a problem with your MainNet code and it runs on the MainNet and then it’s now decentralized and distributed to everyone and, you know, a glitch happens because of the code being whack, then that’s not good. So, because of that, there’s a huge vetting process that happens every time the core code, every time the core protocol is modified, there has to be like, a huge vetting process of making sure that this change that this person did doesn’t cause any bugs somewhere else, or vulnerabilities to pop up, and it’s a bit of an arduous process, okay?

Now, let’s bring in this concept of a modular plugin system. So, if you can develop a plugin, it’s essentially a container with code in it that runs and does not affect the code or operations of the other components of the system. So, what this means is, is if somebody creates a plugin and they say okay, I’m creating a plugin because the ARK v2 MainNet could have this incredible added feature or benefit that doesn’t need a virtual machine to function and here’s the plugin. So, then, the plugin can be vetted and checked to make sure that the plugin itself is good, safe, good to go, but the arduous task of making sure that the other modules of the MainNet are still good to go is not needed. So, in bridgechain world, plugins are extremely powerful because you can use other people’s plugins to construct a blockchain of your choice and make it super extra cool. You can do this safely, because the plugins will say like, oh, this plugin is designed to work with ARK v2 and if you have ARK v2 and you didn’t make any specific changes to the protocol on your own, then you can plug these plugins in, see where I’m going with that, and it just runs right out of the box. Really cool stuff. Thanks for your question.

Episode 017…

The ARK vision. Now, just talking about ARK’s goals and ARK’s ambitions. Now, we have ARK JD, who is an ACC member, his name is Ray. I work very closely with Ray. Ray’s very cool. You will be hearing a lot more about him in the very near future. Ray’s a machine. Now, Ray says about the ARK vision and goals, ‘Hey guys, long time ARK holder and ACC member here. One of the main reasons I believe in ARK is because of the team’s vision. I believe it’s an advocate of blockchain tech, that this technology has a vast number of applications from finance to law to everyday life. It isn’t often that the world sees a technology where its potential uses can permeate nearly every industry and the daily life of individuals. When it comes to adopting technology and its ultimate success, I believe in the need of aligning the technology with the need of individuals and businesses. The beauty of ARK is that it will put the power of blockchains into the hands of everyone. In my opinion, this is what will be the catalyst for mass adoption. When we can lower the barriers of entry and have everyone contributing, I believe great things can happen. When people come to ARK, they’re not going to see an idea or a belief in how the tech will work. They will see code, use cases and value in using the tech to better their businesses or daily life. Blockchains should be available to everyone and by taking this WordPress approach, where it’s simple to use and implement, how can you not be excited?’

Episode 018…

Increase Crypto Friends

As bear market began, I was a simple lurker, however, it only made me feel more isolated and separated from everyone, which just made me feel even worse, on top of bear market. So, the lower the prices got, the more I reached out within my communities, and the more friends I made. This has proven very effective. I feel like I’m part of a thing now and receive a lot of support.

So, this is like, one of the main origin stories about how I got so involved with ARK, because to me, I was like, well, I see there’s action going on and I’m not a part of it and I’m not feeling so great and I feel like if I was a better, bigger part of it, then I would feel better, and so, I, you know, started I started sending stickers to everyone all over the world. I started writing high quality original content on the ARK Subreddit. I also collaborated with ARK community members on their community resources, things like by Cam, things like with Jorma, things like with Broadcast Junkie, and things like ArkTippr with Mark.

So, this really helped me get excited and engaged and feel awesome within the crypto community, so, I have ARK to thank for that and I’m very, very proud of my decision to become a member of the ARK community, and I’m all the more proud to now be on the ARK team.

Episode 019…

‘One of the almost forgotten ideas from the old white paper is the implementation of games on ARK. Will it be possible on side chains, and if so, which version of the ARK will allow to transfer not coins, but some virtual stuff? I think this is a very promising direction with thousands of potential use cases.’

I don’t disagree. I think what you’re referring to here is the term non-fungible gaming tokens, where one token is not the same as another token. Like, for example, with Bitcoin or the US dollar, one dollar is the same thing as some other different dollar or one Bitcoin is the same as some other different Bitcoin, but in non-fungible gaming tokens, this token represents like the sword of a thousand truths and that other token represents the shield of integrity. So, if you give this token, the sword of a thousand truths, to somebody, now they have the sword of a thousand truths, and I believe in that particular case I’m describing, it’s not divisible. Like, you can’t give someone 10% of the sword of a thousand truths.

So, let’s go back to the beginning of the question. Can games be implemented on ARK side chains? Well, sure. I mean, in the ARK universe, we do refer to them as bridgechains, because the ARK ecosystem intends to bridge together all these blockchains to provide many, many use cases for the end user, and lots of convenience as well, but sure, you can have games running that utilize bridgechains.

Now, granted, the interesting thing about blockchains is that there needs to be a balance when you’re developing the platform out, in terms of what you’re going to have running on chain and what you’re going to have not running on chain. Now, at the moment, what dictates that are the fees. Like, for example, with Ethereum, like, people are trying to run Ethereum games and stuff, but they’re realizing that the gas and the fees are just eating up like a bunch of the value from the micro economy. So, they do things off chain and then they settle on chain, and with an ARK bridgechain, because you would have your own community of the game running the network, which easily can be done through the delegate system, then the delegates are running services that give back to the system as well as running nodes, and this maintains the value inside the economy, the micro economy.

So, the players of the game are not giving fees away to these faceless Ethereum miners that have nothing to do with your game and are not personally invested in your game in terms of their energy and talents, and instead, you are giving the fees and, you know, services in exchange for running the network, to the community delegates running inside the game community network. So, they then, you know, can use those fees to not only run their so-called delegate businesses, but also help the network grow and, you know, make it fresh, provide new and exciting services and ways to play the game or interact with the game, things like that.

So, that combined with being able to set your own parameters to how you want your micro economy to work on your bridgechain, gives developers and communities of these future games a lot of freedom and power to really build something special, by them for them.

Now, in regards to your question about non-fungible gaming tokens. Currently, the token aspect of the ARK core revolves around fungibility. Okay? So, it’s like, this is the same as that. It’s going to take some engineering to enable that type of set-up for non-fungible gaming tokens. However, if a project were interested in developing something like this, for their own use with their own chain, and wanted to start out with the ARK codebase, they definitely could do that, and they would be able to utilize ARK’s extensibility through 18 different programming languages to interact with the chain and also set their own parameters for the blockchain itself, and do all these other things.

Now, if one entity does it and, you know, provides open source to benefit the overall ARK ecosystem, then that same code could be used for other projects as well.

Additionally, as it has been featured in the old white paper, may focus additional attention on that aspect to develop custom solutions by in terms of modified codebase or perhaps a core plugin that facilitates and accommodates the non-fungible gaming token use case.

So, everything is possible. That’s one thing I do really like about blockchain technology, and it kind of depends on the need, the demand, the interest of the community. I do know that there’s a heavy gaming interest amongst the ARK community. I don’t know if that’s related to Ark Survival Evolve, the online game that has nothing to do with, but I do personally like that game and I’ve played it as well. I, of course, want to know about all things Ark, even if they have nothing to do with each other, and yes, I do know how to tame a velociraptor, and yes, I do know how to make a house out of thatch in less than three minutes. So, not bad. Thanks for your question.

Episode 020…

Alright. Next up, we’ve got day 23, which talks about the ARK Crypto Podcast. That’s what you’re listening to right now! Nice. Now, we’ve got ChooseArkChooseAJob, and ChooseArkChooseAJob says, ‘When I first heard that Justin was going to do podcasts, I thought outdated, who listens to them anymore, waste of time.’ Okay, alright. Here’s a strong intro. Let’s see where this goes. ‘Unbeknownst to me, to podcasts are well listened to, even increasing by the year.’ Ah. That is true.

‘I always check out all things ARK, and if it’s posted anywhere, I’ll pick it up.’ Good on you, ChooseArkChooseAJob. Thank you. ‘So, against my preconceived opinion, I had a midweek listen whilst driving. Surprise, surprise, I loved it.’ Nice. ‘It’s a down to earth, talking with the guys vibe, you learn new things and listen to interviews that you can’t catch anywhere else.’ And that’s a gender non-specific guys that ChooseArkChooseAJob is using there. Excellent.

‘Most of all, it’s engaging. I find myself joining conversation, only to realize it’s not a group call, ha-ha.’ Nice. ‘It’s become a little highlight of the week. I don't jump up to listen to it as soon as it drops, but rather prefer to set some time aside and really listen to it, like how you would with a favorite movie or TV show, you want to be into it, engaged, listen to every detail. If it were to be taken away, I’d be upset. In short, listen to the podcast.’

Alright. Well, thank you so much for those kind words about the podcast, and very glad to be producing these episodes. Very glad to be working with Matthew_DC to get this podcast out there and very glad that it has listeners to listen to the podcast, because with you listeners, then this wouldn’t even need to exist. So, very, very pleased that you like the podcast. Thank you so much.

Episode 021…

‘Can anyone run a relay node? Are there benefits by doing so, i.e. earning ARK?’ Yes. Anyone can run a relay node. There are no special permissions that you need to have to run a relay node and to enhance on this answer, you can run a relay node with standard hardware, as opposed to something like a proof of work Bitcoin situation where you need specialized hardware, very expensive hardware, very loud hardware, very hot hardware. With ARK, you can run with, you know, standard 8gb RAM situation, standard machine, basic server machine. So, it’s very energy efficient and smooth for the node runner.

Now, relay nodes do not pay out ARK from the network. So, what that means is if you’re running a relay node, you will not be earning ARK. However, one of the key concepts behind running a relay node implies your desire to possibly run for a forging delegate position in the future. A forging delegate position would award ARK by the network, two ARK per block every eight seconds. That would go into your delegate wallet and then you would handle that ARK according to your proposal that you put forth on run by delegate Deadlock.

So, if you were to run a relay node and you’re like, hey, this is cool, and then you’re like, hey, I want to get some ARK because of this, then you would consider putting a proposal in and asking the community for votes. Then, if you get enough votes, you would enter the top 51 forging positions, where you would get ARK and have a great time.

Episode 022…

Before I was into crypto, I have a lot of experience in laboratory work for infrared photonics. I actually became a published inventor by the age of 22 for integrated readout circuit arrays. I was a co-author for a patent for that and that was a long time ago. So, now, I’m involved with some other things, sales, marketing, advertising, that kind of thing, and a lot of writing stuff too. I develop applications in a language called Open GI, which is like a visual representation of the code, so that’s what got me into computer science and programming, because I didn’t have a lot of classical training with written coding languages, but GI really helped me get my brain around how coding works and how to run applications, and because of that, I got interested with ARK, because its approach is very similar. It wants to make blockchains very easy for more people, so that more people can participate in this technological revolution.

Episode 024…

Justin: On that note actually, Kris, I did want to ask you a little bit about the scalability of the ARK MainNet. Like, how does it work in terms of if we need to add more throughput to the blockchain, how would that upgrade take place and what trade offs might we have to deal with?

Kris: Well, it’s always a balance between the functionality you want to have and the size limitations, but if you’re looking at the size limitation, the storage space is not very expensive and if our blockchain MainNet is currently at 7.3 million height and if you look at the size of the database is in compressed something like 1.5 gigabytes, so that’s not a lot, yeah?

Justin: Yeah, that’s pretty small.

Kris: Yeah. So, I mean, if you compare this to other chains, which are expensive, running on POV consensus and you have to have almost like 400 gigabytes to one terabyte of space, so we have a lot of room here to improve, yeah, and we also had that discussion about scaling and let’s say the option of technology at the meet-up with the developers, which actually happened two days before the meet-up we had with the community in Utrecht and we were brainstorming there, like, for, let’s say, for the first day mostly, about the critical issues of the roadmap, where we want to improve, what we want to do this year, what are our promises we have made and how to deliver them, and one of the, let’s say, the most asked questions which we also see in the community is the questions related to, let’s say, the virtual machine, how are we going to address the logics related to that, and personally, to me, the smart contracts, so the virtual machine never convinced me in a way, let’s say, in the way of enterprise user or company user or a bunch of companies using a blockchain, would use, because essentially, there is some trust already established and this is where our, let’s say, the plugin technology comes in handy, because instead of, let’s say, writing your own smart contract, you could be just writing your own plugin, which would be contract written in code among the companies reaching some kind of consensus surrounding their own business, which would be, I don’t know, tracking some kind of supply chain management, or just selling tacos like a taco chain.

Episode 025…

Justin: Marc, what was it like for you becoming a delegate? How fast was it from going to launching a node to becoming a delegate and what kind of services did you propose to offer to the community?

Marc: It was really fast actually. It was a day when I announced my delegates..

Justin: A day?! That is extremely fast.

Marc: I launched the same time as the guys from The Golden Horde and there was just a will dropping out of the 51. I already had planned to one day launch a delegate then rockson told me like, this is your chance, this is the moment, so now or never. I wrote up my proposal, I published it and at that very second the guys from The Golden Horde were elected in and within a day I was elected in as well. So the campaign was kind of nonexistent because I didn’t really have time for that

Justin: So it’s kind of like the stars aligned for you in that moment with all these circumstances kind of coming together.

Marc: My core service right now is ArkTippr so that’s all aligned as well, good, and from my background is infrastructure guy. I offered to look at the best way to set up infrastructures to build a solid network, a solid node structure and to also make that knowledge available for bridgechains.

Episode 026…

One of the crown jewels of ARK are the desktop and mobile wallets. They merge everything good about ARK DPOS and present it in an intuitive package with elegant design. The wallets run immediately without having to sync and users receive voluntary voting rewards from delegates even when the wallets are offline so you don’t have to keep your wallet on at all times to receive new ARK. The wallets also have foolproof features that help new users feel confident while using the wallets. The desktop wallet is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux, and the mobile wallet is available for Android and iOS. Not only that but the desktop wallet is compatible with the Ledger, so you can securely store your ARK using the Ledger hardware device and the ARK wallet, and the desktop wallet is also integrated with Changelly which allows you to purchase ARK from directly inside the ARK wallet, in some cases even with fiat depending on your country region. How easy is that?

Episode 030…

Calidelegate: Let’s spin this around, because a lot of what you guys don’t know is that I met Justin very early on into

Justin: That’s right.

Calidelegate: This was about prior to, you’d just launched ArkStickers, it would have live for what, a month?

Justin: Maybe.

Calidelegate: And you connected with me and we said let’s go out and get some beers and hotdogs in Santa Monica..

Justin: That’s right!

Calidelegate: ..and we met up and we had a really great conversation. So at that time we talked about the hussle.

Justin: That’s right.

Calidelegate: And I saw the passion in your eyes and here we are sitting here today, you’ve now been employed by ARK and everything’s going awesome! I guess what did you see at that point as a non-technical person that made you go, this is something that I can be a part of, because a lot of non-technical people get scared off.

Justin: I understand that question for sure and it’s really interesting because what I saw when I first started dabbling in getting into ARK was, I felt that these were people that cared about relating to non-technical people in a way that I did not see in almost every other project. I saw a lot of effort and I saw a lot of talent and a lot of skill in a lot of other projects but I didn’t feel like they had a desire to include me or people like me.

Calidelegate: So can we talk use cases? Are we able to talk.. What communities did you try to be a part of that you didn’t feel the positive reception? Just to understand.

Justin: So, I guess something that I would throw out would be, and it’s a project that I still love and I like it and it’s all great and everything, but Nexus was something I was getting into around the same time as ARK, okay? And there’s an interview on Nexus on the podcast in the archives that you guys can hit if you want to check out more, but essentially what I found with Nexus was that I really liked all the ideas coming from it, but I didn’t see the arm getting extended towards me and people like me. Do you understand that?

Calidelegate: It was feeling like there’s a group of people making decisions and all you’re aloud to do is buy their token and look at the charts.

Justin: Correct!

Calidelegate: And you know..

Justin: Sit around!

Calidelegate: .. sit around! And clap your hands and go, you guys are doing a great job!

Justin: Yeah, keep it up!

Calidelegate: Keep it up..

Justin: Keep up, whatever it is, that this is.

Calidelegate: It’s like watching a sporting event and this isn’t sports, this is..

Justin: Yeah, no no, you’re hitting it right on the head, like, every single time with what you’re saying and what really gravitated me towards crypto was opportunities to acutally do stuff. And when I stumbled across ARK I realized that not only are there opportunities for me to actually do stuff, but I could see the culture of this project really wanting to distill things down and make people feel included who were feeling excluded otherwise. When they’re like, I don’t understand this technology, I’ve watched all these videos and I don’t understand, and how does this apply to me, and what am I going to do now that I know about crypto and what’s the next step, like, I don’t get it? People aren’t reaching out to me to help me out on a one to one level and all these things. So ARK was like, opposite of that, where everything from the website to the Slack to the Redditt it was all very welcoming and I felt like I really found what I was looking for when I found ARK. Now it took a step further when I realized that ARK wants to make it very easy to deploy your own blockchains and customize them even if you’re not an expert in blockchain technology or coding and all that. That really resonated with me immensely because before I was involved in crypto, this was many years ago, but I was involved in systems integration of industrial machine vision, machine learning and other things like that where I would deploy applications in LabView, this is a program made by national instruments and they had a coding language called GI, which is a visual coding language. So like, instead of writing code which I don’t know how to do to this day, they had an interface. It was a graphical user interface where they had modules you would assemble, so instead of saying 2+2=4, you would have 2 constants that you paint onto like a flow chart grid area and then you wire them to an addition module and the output gets wired to wherever you want to go. So I was able to deploy these super advanced applications that are in like Ford and other corporations like, doing stuff that I didn’t even have to write code to do this.

Calidelegate: And is that the point where you get that experience again from ARK, where you’re going to say ARK’s been successful?

Justin: Absolutely. I believe that ARK will be successful when I can make a blockchain. That’s my goal. I don’t even know what I’m going to use it for.

Calidelegate: That’s awesome.

Justin: I just want to know that I can.

Calidelegate: Yup.

Justin: And that is empowering, and that’s why I think ARK is such a special thing in this space, you know, they’re not just catering towards the high princes in the high castles who know about all the code.

Calidelegate: And I’m going to say that there are more people that can relate to you out there in the world, than there are people who do know the technical behind it.

Episode 031…

Next up we’ve got code bounty. So this is an ongoing program and ARK has a bounty wallet that it uses to reward community developers for squashing bugs and implementing new features into our open source ARK products. It’s really very cool and it’s head up by Rok, aka boldninja on the ARK team. So he’s really cool and fun to work with and it’s a lot of good times just helping ARK and developing for the future. You can learn more about that on the ARK blog which is at Every month we release the GitHub bounty winners who win large amounts of ARK and then we also offer small ARK bounties that you can grab just for completing a pull request or commit. So you can learn more about that by checking out the blog and seeing how it all works.

Episode 032…

Blockchain Legal Roundup with Ray Alva: Wyoming has about 13 different pieces of blockchain legislation that they’ve enacted over the years. This is already a systematic legal framework that they’ve built. It’s going to be a model for probably even the federal level. So it’s nice to see what some of these smaller states are going to be doing because as more states begin to enter the fold we’re going to see how they approach blockchain in their specific territories, right? This is incredibly useful for us because it sort of maps out like a prediction of where blockchain law is going to be heading in the United States.

Episode 033…

ARK empowers everyone, regardless of their aim or technical background to quickly and easily leverage blockchain technology. Our whitepaper will identify the well known problems within the blockchain industry and illustrate how ARK technology solves them. In this current landscape of hype and empty promises ARK acts as a beacon to individuals, enterprises and communities who wish to make a real difference and apply blockchain technology to reach their individual goals as well as improve society. ARK offers a technology stack, unique in its simplicity to create and deploy stand alone blockchains for any use case. These newly created blockchains will have the ability to interoperate through ARK’s smartbridge technology. ARK is also turning smart contracts on their head with what is called ARK Logic, a collection of tools including custom transaction types, templates and plugins. This brings decentralized computing and work flows into a more secure, adaptable and scalable environment. Most importantly the ARK Ecosystem fosters a growing international community of developers, node operators, blockchains, businesses and enthusiasts breathing life into this breakthrough technology.

Episode 034…

From the start, our intent was to provide an answer to the blockchain trilema and reduce the well known limitations of blockchain technology. Some of these solutions are baked into smart bridge technology allowing for greater flexibility and scalability within the ecosystem of linked chains with specific use cases. Aside from the blockchain trilema however, we saw the above issues with smart contracts and wish to address them as part of our vision. We see smart contracts as small automation engines, being executed in black boxes that lack the modern pace of development and flexibility, and developers need to learn an additional language in which to deliver them. Our solution to this is to deliver more than just automation and distributed relay execution. We want to give organizations the power to develop their own application and logic the way they’re already use to doing it by using existing tooling and developing normal applications that can be deployed on our blockchain and infrastructure, via the module architecture of plug-ins. A plug-in is a normal typescript application that has the full power of blockchain with all the expressive capabilities of using a common programming language. It acts as if it’s just another application that can be deployed and maintained via blockchain mechanics, running on our core blockchain engine. By delivering a plug-in you are able to add new tables, storage options, web servers and complete graphical interfaces running and using core technology as a driving force.

Episode 035…

Satoshi Nacomoto opened Pandora’s box with Bitcoin. Blockchain technology has caused a new renaissance of inspiration that is growing world-wide. The potential for the technology is massive and among the now thousands of blockchain projects in this space, working products and fulfilled promises are beginning to take shape. When inspiration hits a developer or organization, they will see that ARK positioned itself to be the easiest path to success for them. Some of the largest tech companies in the world started with one person, on one computer in one bedroom. ARK technology empowers this person to get 90% of the way there with a few clicks.

The next part is What the Future Holds for ARK. A successful ARK ecosystem means that hundreds, if not thousands of communities, businesses, enterprises and organizations are using ARK technology to deploy blockchains custom tailored to their needs. Other blockchain products with tokens on a restrictive mainnet begin to break off and form their own ARK based network., addressing their scalability concerns and reaching higher planes of flexibility using ARK logic. They experience the freedom of expression through the sovereignty they receive with ARK. They benefit from the speed and security ARK offers. They appreciate the simplicity of ARK technology. They receive much needed support from the ARK public network, ARK business entity and ARK community. These ARK based chains interoperate via smartbridge technology with a thriving ARK mainnet, bringing a true sense of unification without monopolization.

And the last part is appropriately named Get Involved. You play a key role in the success of ARK and you can bring tangible value that is truly appreciated by the whole of the ecosystem. If you like developing, you can improve the code on GitHub by tackling issues and submitting pull requests. You can apply your own ideas to developing addition peripherals and plug-ins using ARK. You can become an ARK mainnet delegate your even launch your own chain. If you aren’t technically inclined, you can bring your own skills and talents to the table by asking questions, voting for delegates you support, accepting ARK for your business, receiving funding for an idea through the ARK Community Fund and even helping the team in non-coding projects on the ARK Community Committee. You can also join the ARK Ambassador Program. ARK is for everyone, and together we can bring the world the true vision of Point. Click. Blockchain.

Episode 036…

Ok, so, dbotsauto asks about ARK Logic, “how far away is ARK Logic and when will that happen and stuff?” Well ARK Logic needs 2 things to really function well. It needs the core plug-in architecture to work, that already does, and then the next one is the Generalised Transaction Interface or the GTI. this is the interface you would use to create new transaction types that do specific things you want them to do and when you combine that with that plug-in you can create an application that you can then apply directly onto each node and handle decentralized business logic. So I know that the Generalised Transaction Interface has been coming along really well, actually really quickly. Let me look up something real quick. Ok got it, so i was confirmed correct, that in ARK Core 2.3 which was recently released this week, the AIP29 made massive strides, which is the generic transaction interface. Oh, Generic Transaction Interface? Ok. The names are constantly flying around and changing on Slack, on our team Slack, so I need to get up with the program. But yes, the Generic Transaction Interface. So this interface allows you to quickly develop new transaction types with custom business logic behind it, and this will play a key role where we’ll actually use it ourselves to work on the new transaction types like time locks and multi payments and other things that are coming to core soon. It’s almost like Photoshop where it’s using itself to design adds for itself. So not bad.

Episode 037…

So, that brings us into the general assembly meeting which we had after we left the French National Assembly. So at this meeting there was a few key things that happened. One of the more important ones was a mass restructuring of the corporate entity and the roles of certain ARK crew members within the corporate entity and there’s going to be a very detailed blog coming out soon that describes more about exactly how it’s different. I can go into some general information now, like for example, there’s a creation of the Executive Board and the Advisory Board. The purpose of these boards was to provide more structure in marco-project management type situations as well as provide a system for accountability so that people know if they don’t do something, what’s going to happen, and who’s job is it to make sure they get back on track and these other things. I don’t know how far back you go with ARK, but you might remember when ARK started, it was kind of founded as a project where people kind of just jumped in and threw in their two cents and people we like, I can work on this, and some other people were like, I can work on that, and it was very organic, it was very informal, it was like 27 co-founders got together and were like, let’s do this thing called ARK. so what I believe was happening back in late 2017 when ARK incorporated as an SCIC and it was the first of its kind for crypt in the entire country of France, that laid the groundwork for a maturity to occur within ARK and the ARK entity. So now what we’re seeing is a clear structure forming, in terms of lessons learned throughout the last 18 months or so on how we operate and where our shortcomings are and where our strengths are and understanding the talents of each individual team member and what they can bring and what they need help with. So all of that is kind of just getting sucked up into this think tank and getting spit out in the form of these new structures. The Executive Board, the Advisory Board, various departments in teams like the Marketing Team, the Communications Team and all these other things. So what i believe that you’re going to see as a result of this is far more organization in communications internally which in return will be reflected by far more efficient release of information and a stronger clear voice spoken from

Episode 038…

Dirk Crypto Diggy: I would really urge you to look at all these factors, right? And look at what ARK is doing and see if you can find that in other projects. See if you can find transparency in their finances, see if do have regular updates, see if they have a working product and they have been making consistent progress month after month. See if the team is available, if the founders actually are accessible and share information and do interviews. All of that kind of stuff is very important for you to be able to determine whether or not a project is a legitimate project with a chance of success or whether it’s just a money grab and a scam and a nice story that ultimately will be irrelevant in the not so distant future.

Episode 039...

So this is a look of our financial history of the last 12 months or so but also back through to when we first raised money. ARK in the end of 2016 came together and we did our TEC, our token exchange campaign, at the beginning of 2017. We actually failed, uh, it’s a funny story. We were trying to raise $1.4 million roughly and we came out at about $800,000 and so, we actually came out a little more than that, but we offered a refund and some people said, you know what we really like the idea of what you’re building and we’d like you try to do an MVP and really come to market. So a lot of people chose not to refund and we decided to push forward. 2017 in the beginning was the beginning of the bull market and we got super lucky and through good management and through the process of having the right people on our team, we turned that into 3,500 BTC today. We also hold 26 million ARK which are sort of a reserve fund, that’s partially because of the refund, we didn’t originally plan on having that much but when we offered the refund we ended up with more. So we use that for complimenting salaries for our employees to keep them more invested in the company and also to do things bounties for the public. So we have a lot of community developers and we reward a lot of that in ARK.

Episode 040…

When you’re comparing your solution of token vs your solution of an entire blockchain there’s some things you’ll end up thinking about that you didn’t really realize you needed to think about. So what if you go to, for example, X platform chain, we know who they are they’re out there on coinmarketcap, right? So let’s say you go there and you want to launch a business, a service that uses a crypto asset, a platform that will have many, many users, then you create a token. Okay. there are things you need to pay very close attention to. What if your service does incredibly well and you receive massive global success and you become a major player int the global stage? So what that means is, millions of daily users executing millions of transactions per day and what you might be doing inadvertently is syphoning value out of your communities micro economy into the hands of the mainnet miners, or mainnet bp’s or whatever it is, where they are benefitting from your communities success. Okay. Now here’s my question, if it’s that easy to create your own blockchain where your own micro community, I’m sorry, your own community’s mico economy is self contained and your node runners are within your community and providing valuable community services on top of simply just securing the network, then wouldn’t it make sense to do that instead? Because what are they really offering you, you know? Are they just becoming a new type of middle man? This is one of the key aspects that ARK is forcing people to address and I think that the people that are skeptics of ARK are largely upset with the removal of a mainnet landlord with guaranteed token usage based on fees collected by other chains, or other tokens, when in reality that is not necessary if you know how to launch your own network easily and can run it at a low cost.

Episode 041…

Travis Wright (Bad Crypto Podcast): So, I would ask this then, who is your guys’ main customers? Deploying a blockchain in minutes, who are you guys finding that’s doing that the most?

Justin: So it does depend on why you need a blockchain. There are a number of reasons or a number of epiffanies that might happen depending on who you are. I think that ARK applies to really everyone and anyone who needs a blockchain. It could range from anywhere between a college student in a bedroom with an idea that could change the world, all the way to a fortune 500 enterprise with offices on every single continent. I believe that right now the industry is a little further ahead of itself technologically than inspirationally, so i think that over time more lightbulbs will fire off for people around the world that will say, oh my god, a blockchain would be perfect for this! And when that moment happens ARK is going to be ready with ready to use tools and helpful guides and specific templates for specific industries to get that idea out into the worlds ASAP at a very low cost.

Episode 042…

So here’s what’s next. At this point you can use our expansive library of tools to enhance your new blockchain, beyond something so simple as here’s a peer to peer cryptocurrency. You can do things much more than that. You can have decentralized business logic in the form of customized core plug-ins combined with customized transaction types that fulfill specific needs on your network. You can use the API to interface with centralized systems like exchanges. You can also use WebHoooks to fire off events instead of requiring light clients to constantly pull your blockchain. You can also use expansive SDK’s, we have well over a dozen of those and we are integrated with languages such as php and rust and ruby and all kinds of languages. So it’s very versatile, it’s very diverse, and it’s quite simple for developers from all walks of life to get started with a blockchain using the ARK deployer using our helpful guides. Not only that, but just as soon as we launch the deployer on May 28th at Consensus NYC 2019, we had some people that jumped in to make a chain and they were able to do it in less than 24 hours even though they had little technical knowledge and this is great! Granted, we do want lots of different types of developers to use it and we understand that not every single person in the world needs their own blockchain, but we do think that more people have access to blockchain technology than less and we love to see what will come of it and see what flourishes from it.

Episode 043…

So this is the most fun part of this entire episode which is waiting for the next round and then seeing yourself, forging DARK, live. How do you do that? Well you go to ‘menu,’ you go to ‘home,’ then you go to ‘latest blocks,’ and you just stare at this screen until you see your name pop up in that list. Let’s wait. Waiting. Waiting. Impatient! Ok while we wait, let’s check the forger manager logs and we’ll also see some action happening in the forger logs. So let’s hit our console, let’s do a control C if we’re in anything else, let’s make sure we’re not in anything else, do an ‘ARK forger log.’ Now when it comes time for us to forge the console is going to say, “waking up your delegate” and you’ll see that, and then it’ll say “ready to forge,” and then you’ll see that, then we’ll see it forge and then in the dexplorer we’ll see it in our list here. Let’s go back to the delegate monitor: ‘menu’ ‘delegate monitor.” Oh! Looks like nice is in the list, it’s only a matter of time now! Ohh, there it is! There it is! We just forged DARK! Wow, we did it, success.

Episode 044…

So moving on there’s convenience and interoperability. So what this refers to is one of the main reasons why most people are interested and like ARK a lot, probably? At this point. Which this refers to what we call smartbridge technology. Now smartbridge technology allows blockchains to communicate between one another. This is interoperability. So this was you can use Token A to do something on Token B’s blockchain without ever holding or touching token B. Now the reason why ARK is so focused on this concept is because we have a vision that scalability can be best achieved by segregating use cases across multiple sovereign blockchains. So that way nobody’s sharing all one blockchain and then one person’s problem is everyone’s problem. This happened with CryptoKitties in 2017 where one decentralized application basically halted an entire blockchain that was responsible for servicing a number of services on top of it. So with ARK it’s more like, hey let’s let everyone have their own blockchain and then you can be in control of your own destiny and future with your own protocol upgrades and custom logic and all these other things. However, in order to implement convenience for the user, the ARK public network can act as an entry and exit point between these other blockchains and users won’t have to have a bunch of different coins, they can just have one coin and use smartbridge technology to interact with other blockchains. So what this will do is this will make it very convenient to use ARK, and that’s it, because everything else happens in the background, and at the same time other micro communities can benefit from their own sovereignty of having their own network within their own community. They don’t have to pay rent to a mainnet landlord where faceless, nameless node operators who have nothing to do with your project or community benefit and get money every time something happens within your community. I don’t know. Sounds like England and America circa mid 1700’s if you ask me, I’m just saying.. Why be a colony when you can be your own country? But I digress.

Episode 045…

Justin: Do you feel that, you know, in the following years crypto is going to become much more interesting to a lot more people, and do you feel that a lot of people in mass will assess the big boys like Ethereum and then decide that they need something better, bigger, faster and then come over to something like ARK?

Mak (Delegate Mak): Ok so, the way I analyze this is that, yeah, the people will definitely realize the potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchains and they will come up with completely new ideas that we haven’t even thought of and that’s what will drive the next wave of adoption. This is going to be the biggest bubble, you could say, that you could imagine. So it’s going to be, I think if I were to make a bet, I would say it’s going to become as big as the stock markets are right now on a global scale.

Justin: Ok, ok.. I guess we’re gonna see, we’re gonna see.

Mak: Yeah, and when that happens I think what’s going to happen is that, depending on when it happens, for example, I think Ethereum is currently pursuing (Inaudible 01:04:53) and they are also trying an approach to multi chain scaling but if, for example, this adoption happens before the are ready to do that then of course people are going to try to go for alternate platforms but if it happens after they’re ready then maybe they get all of the market share.

Justin: Ok, well said!

Episode 046…

Dean (nOS): So yeah, we had a big issue during our token sale that already kind of showed some limitations that we could run into in the future if we would only rely on smart contracts exclusively.

Justin: So it sounds your vision of nOS quickly outgrew the capabilities of what smart contracts can offer..

Dean: Yeah.

Justin: ..and you saw a way to be, I guess sovereign and independent from other shortcomings of like a master platform that you’re just leasing, I guess you could say, right? To get to your own blockchain where you can control your own destiny in terms of development, you can respond to issues much quicker and integrate new logic and capabilities that you wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. So this is something I’ve been saying for years on the podcast and everywhere else, alright? I’m like, developers are going to need more under the hood. So I like that part about it I really like how you’re recognising the benefits of being in your own type of zone. But also having interoperability and being able to interact with other blockchains which helps with the scaling issue, helps with just connecting blockchains together and all that.

Dean: Absolutely this is a concept that we want to promote in the future as well, and when the nOS blockchain is out and people start wanting to build applications that integrate with nOS to expand their business models and deploy to the nOS app store, we have specific documentation parts about building apps and integrating nOS. We also want to have a small section about deploying your own blockchain and how to power it by building plug-ins based on ARK core.

Justin: Sure.

Dean: it’ll basically be a summary linking to the ARK documentation, but the reason I want to put that in there is because I feel like something which is not seen or realized right now is that building your, deploying your own blockchain allows for so much more and it’s going to be a consideration with how easy ARK is making it, it’s going to be a consideration for a lot of start-ups. So that’s why we want to help push people in that direction. We want to be like hey, you have these specific features that you want to do, how about you consider doing it on a blockchain if it’s possible, then it might be a better choice for you.

Justin: Perfection! So you’re both a user of our technology and a lover of our technology that want other people to use it. So this is like, this is perfection right here!

Episode 047…

Ray Alva: I would like to leave you today with a phrase that was spoken by Representative Patrick McHenry, who represents North Carolina’s 10th Congressional district and is part of the US House Committee on financial services. He said that, “the world that Satoshi Nakomoto, author of the Bitcoin whitepaper and vision, and others are building is an unstoppable force. We should not attempt to deter this innovation and governments cannot stop this innovation, and those that have tried have already failed.” So the question then becomes, what are policy makers going to do to meet the challenges and opportunities of this new world of innovation? I leave the answer to the question to you guys.

Episode 048…

So what we've created here with the Power by ARK program, is a way to kind of create an simbiosis between ARK and a bridgechain project and have a mutual understanding that the bridgechain project is serious and wants to bring something tangible to the world, and then rewarding that initiative of using ARK technology with access to the highest levels of support. Let's take nOS for example, so nOS has been in talks with ARK and multiple ARK team members in multiple departments, for many months, and there was an assessment of what nOS was trying to do. We found that it was quite compatible with our goals and vision as well, and found a way that we could probably work together using what were both doing to help mass adoption happen. So this was the perfect opportunity to have a project like this be the first official Powered by ARK partner because we could really tell that nOS is really in it for the long haul, just like us, nOS has good funding, just like us, and nOS has an accessible team, just like us. So it seems like this is a recipe for something great.

Episode 049…

Imagine if you had a blockchain project with a community that surrounded it, where like, everyone there is holding the token and like, trying to convince everyone to buy the token but nobody’s using the token to build anything or do anything, and nobody even wants to. Let’s just throw in there for sake of the example, let’s say the code sucks, and everybody who looked at the code is like ‘this code is stupid.’ but there’s a lot of speculators there like ‘yeah, let’s just convince everyone to buy it and everything will work out for us.’ That’s not something I want to be involved in at all, at all! I’d rather be involved in something like ARK where you’ve got a lot of people that see the code, and the more they see the code, the more they’re inspired to do something with it, and we’ve got a lot of people in this episode doing a lot of stuff with this code, and we’ve got bridgechains coming on board like nOS who are doing a lot of things with code. And I really like that a lot, I really don’t think that we need to like, worry about convincing people to buy the token and get speculators because it’s just not sustainable and also very legally questionable. I’m here to try to get people excited to use the tech and build with the tech and hopefully this appreciation episode helps that happen more.

Episode 050…

So what did I do with all that stuff while I was out there? Well I talked to people on the street and asked them to impress me with their knowledge of crypto and if they told me a crypto fact that was true, I awarded them with their very own arkmoon giftcoin and 50 ARK! It was a huge hit and people are really interested to learn more about crypto. I was actually very pleasantly surprised in the willingness to learn that I found in people who don’t really know much about it yet. It really opened up my perspective on where we are in this space right now. There are still so many people who don’t really know about the benefits of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies and I think that the players in the crypto space who are working hard to get people to understand why they should care about crypto and blockchains are really going to make or break adoption in this industry. I’m just happy to do what small part I can to make that happen. One of the main reasons why I’m with ARK is because I believe that the technology is well poised to help developers to get on board quickly and understand what is going on with blockchain technology and in line with that, they will be able to deploy ideas that relate to everyday people. I’m really looking forward to the masses warming up to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

And here it is, Episode 051…

Now you’ll notice that there’s only 1 module in this Q3 2019 here, which is Core 2.6. Now that seems light compared to some others in the past for example, Q4 2018, was riddled with all kinds of things on the roadmap, big important things, like the Core Version 2 launch which was a complete reimagining of all the ARK code, where we purged all the legacy inherited code. Other things like the SDKs and integration getting completely redone for the new core, the Desktop Wallet getting completely redone for the new core, like, that quarter was jam packed full of stuff, and I remember that it was very fast paced. Actually that was yeah, the first quarter where I was on the team as well, so, a lot of action there. But that doesn’t mean there is less action here, in Q3 2019. Because 2.6, and I’ve said this once, but 2.6 is what many are saying who are studying our progress, is the biggest upgrade since probably Core Version 2 and probably since ever! Even though Core 2 was a complete redesign as I mentioned. Core 2.6 is going to be implementing a lot of new functions and features for the blockchain itself where developers have new tools they can use to enact their vision of their specific use case using ARK technology.

Wow, so much content. After one year that puts you at over 25 hours of ARK content you can listen to. Fantastic. Well that’s going to do it for this weeks episode of the ARK Crypto Podcast. And that’s going to do it for the ARK Crypto Podcast! We’ll be coming back soon as the Podcast. You can subscribe and read transcripts at the and soon You can also subscribe direct on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, SoundCloud, Spotify and Castbox. Don’t forget, you can follow us on Twitter @Ark_Podcast where you can stream our episodes directly inside of our tweets. How cool is that? We’ll see you next time. Nice!

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