ARK Crypto Podcast - Episode #56

Updated Overview of ARK and the ARK Blockchain Platform

Episode Description

The 56th episode of the ARK Crypto Podcast is here! This week we celebrate the recent podcast relaunch with an updated overview of ARK and the ARK Blockchain Platform. We cover the Core Values of ARK, partnerships, the ARK Core, and various programs and outreach initiatives. This is a great way to get acquainted with ARK whether you're a crypto enthusiast, developer, or both. Enjoy!

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Roundups & Wrapups
13th December 2019
Hosted by Justin Renken Senior Brand Manager


00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:20 Blockchain Basics
00:03:00 Why use Blockchain Technology?
00:04:20 ARK Talk
00:05:30 6 ARK Atributes
00:10:15 ARK Team
00:10:40 ARK Partnerships
00:13:00 ARK blockchain platform
00:15:50 ARK & Users
00:17:00 ARK Wallets
00:20:30 Delegate voting
00:20:53 ARK Delegates
00:21:48 ARK Advocates
00:22:44 Developers
00:23:25 Developer Stack
00:25:15 Point. Click. Blockchain
00:27:00 Why ARK?
00:27:45 ARK Documentation
00:28:00 Earning ARK
00:29:10 Tier 0 Program
00:30:25 Developer help
00:31:25 ARK Community Fund (ACF)
00:32:25 ARK Improvement Proposals (AIP's)
00:33:00 Powered by ARK Program
00:33:55 How to find ARK
00:35:26 Wrapup

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Show Notes

• ARK Advocates: Learn more here
• ARK Community Committee (ACC): Find more here
• Partnerships: Browse partnerships here
• ARK Delegates: Find delegates here
• Deployer: Check it out here
• Bounties: Earn bounties here
• Tier0 Program: Learn more here
• ARK Community Fund (ACF): Check it out here
• ARK Improvement Proposals (AIP's): Help us out here
• Powered by ARK: Get more info here
• Slack: Chat with us here
• Reddit: Find us here
• Youtube: Watch videos here
• Facebook: Add us here
• ARK Whitepaper: Read more here
• Exchanges: Check them out here
• ARK Wallets: Download them here

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