ARK Crypto Podcast - Episode #59

ARK CEO FX Thoorens on the Formation of ADAN French Blockchain Association

Episode Description

The fifty-ninth episode of the ARK Crypto Podcast is here! This week I sit down with ARK CEO FX Thoorens to talk about the formation of ADAN. L’Association pour le développement des actifs numériques (ADAN) is a professional association based in France. Created to help structure and develop the digital assets industry, ADAN will play a key role in representing the blockchain, cryptocurrency and wider digital asset industries both in France and in Europe. Also, in a community announcement, we wanted to let you know that ACF elections are back on for a new term! The ARK Community Fund is managed by a community elected board of five members who vote on proposals. To become a candidate, contact Marc [Cryptology] on Enjoy!

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Interviews & Special Guests
17th January 2020
Hosted by Justin Renken Senior Brand Manager


00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:20 Intro to ADAN
00:00:40 FX Thoorens CEO Introduction
00:01:07 How did you first hear of blockchain?
00:02:48 How were you involved in the origin of ARK?
00:06:38 What is the origin story behind the SCIC?
00:11:38 Blockchain Festival in France
00:13:38 PACTE Law: what does it mean for us?
00:18:08 What do you see for the future of blockchain in France & ICO's?
00:20:05 ADAN: types of companies & organizations involved
00:21:15 Benefits of ADAN
00:24:32 ADAN and ARK
00:25:40 Learn more about ADAN

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Show Notes

ARK Joins European Blockchain Leaders to form ADAN: Read more here

ADAN: Association pour le Développement des Actifs Numériques (English): Read more here

ADAN: Association pour le Développement des Actifs Numériques (French): Read more here

Paris P2P Festival: Check it out here

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