ARK Crypto Podcast - Episode #79

A Breakdown of the Ways to Share ARK

Episode Description

The 79th episode of the ARK Crypto Podcast is here! This week, we identify and discuss your content options when given the opportunity to tell someone about ARK. Not for the purposes of telling people to buy, sell, or trade the cryptoasset ARK, but for the purposes of educating someone on ARK technology, what it can do, and why ARK is working so hard to build an all-in-one blockchain solution! There are many great reasons for someone to follow and support the ARK blockchain project. Should you send them a link to the whitepaper? A blog article? A podcast or video perhaps? What are the best pieces of shareable content within the ARK Ecosystem? Find all that and more in this episode. Enjoy!

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12th June 2020
Hosted by Justin Renken Senior Brand Manager


00:00:00 Introduction and Disclaimer
00:04:15 ARK Whitepaper
00:12:52 ARK Website
00:18:23 ARK Blog & Monthly Updates
00:23:42 ARK Crypto Podcast
00:28:45 ARK Documentation Hub
00:35:58 ARK YouTube Channel
00:43:39 Conclusion

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