ARK Crypto Podcast - Episode #80

Protokol Enterprise Solutions Soft Launch Interview (Part 1)

Episode Description

The 80th episode of the ARK Crypto Podcast is here! This week, something truly awesome has happened within the ARK Ecosystem. Protokol, the new enterprise-focused arm of has formed and soft-launched earlier this week! To celebrate, the ARK Crypto Podcast has invited over a half dozen team members onto our airwaves to get you better acquainted with the team and dive into Protokol's mission. With so many guests and so much to discuss, we need two episode slots to cover it all. This week covers introductions and backgrounds as well as introductory questions as well as some community questions. Next week, a deeper dive into the nuances of what it takes to run an enterprise blockchain solutions provider as well as even more community questions. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, and thanks for supporting the ARK Ecosystem. Enjoy!

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19th June 2020
Hosted by Justin Renken Senior Brand Manager


00:00:00 Introduction & Disclaimer
00:05:28 Protokol Team Interview Start
00:08:43 Introductions and Backgrounds
00:21:11 Interview & Community Questions Cotd
00:31:46 Find Out More About Protokol
00:32:42 Conclusion

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Show Notes

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