Ark Official Explorer https://explorer.ark.io
Community Explorer #1 https://explorer.dafty.net
Community Explorer #2 https://explorer.arknode.net
Community Explorer #3 https://explorer.ark.4miners.net
Community Explorer #4 https://mainnet.arkexplorer.com
Community Explorer #5 https://explorer.arkno.de

Community Websites & Useful Links

ARK Reddit Wiki https://www.reddit.com Inform yourself about ARK here. Keep reading.
ArkNode https://www.arknode.net List of useful ARK links, snapshots, explorers
ArkStats https://arkstats.net ARK network statistics
Awesome ARK https://github.com A curated list of ARK blockchain projects
ARK Delegate List https://delegates.arkx.io Profiles of some of the ARK delegates
Ark News https://www.ark-news.com Unofficial ARK news website
Unofficial ARK Discord https://www.arkchat.net Unofficial ARK Discord channels

ARK Based Projects

Ark Contract Execution Services ARK ACES 1st SmartBridge connecting ARK and Ethereum


Github Bounty More Info 200,000 ARK in 1st year for GitHub Developers
ARK Community Fund More Info Community ran ACF for custom proposals
Own Projects Send an email Have an idea and skills for custom project?