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ARK Roadmap


0 / 18 Completed

Technical Documentation 10% Complete 0 / 1 Tasks


Technical Document Protocol of how the blockchain is updated and the data is exchanged between nodes.

0 of 1 completedTasks

  • Writing documentation

Desktop wallet redesign 55% Complete 2 / 4 Tasks


Complete redesign of Desktop Wallet to make it even more user friendly.

2 of 4 completedTasks

  • Initial R & D
  • Prototype Mockup
  • Finalize UI/UX wireframe
  • Code final wallet build/final tests

Mobile wallets 74% Complete 2 / 4 Tasks


Building IOS/ANDROID based mobile wallets.

2 of 4 completedTasks

  • Initial R & D
  • Write new API wrapper
  • UI/UX wireframe mockups
  • Prototype testing/coding/final release

SmartBridge partnerships 10% Complete 0 / 1 Tasks


Building partnerships and bridging other projects is a never ending phase on the roadmap. We will always be looking to connect and build partnerships, so this percentage will never be complete.

0 of 1 completedTasks

  • Build Partnerships

Alternative Development Implementation and Programming Languages. 70% Complete 8 / 13 Tasks


ARK is built on node.js/javascript but we want the world of developers to be comfortable in their favorite programming languages. So we are integrating multiple other languages.

The .NET integration covers many different programming languages, the list can be found here it also covers more in linux via Mono.

8 of 13 completedTasks

  • Python
  • Java
  • .NET
  • R
  • C
  • GO
  • Advanced PowerShell
  • RUST
  • PHP/Laravel
  • TypeScript API
  • C++
  • Nucleid
  • Ruby

First iteration of SmartBridge with a Centralized APP. 50% Complete 0 / 1 Tasks


Building a blockchain app and connecting it to ARK’s mainchain via SmartBridge for initial testing and usecase.

0 of 1 completedTasks

  • Build a simple APP

Push button deployable blockchains. 53% Complete 1 / 5 Tasks


Making ARK clone-able with push button deployment and linked to ARK’s Main Chain via SmartBridge. So any startup that wants to fork ark can do so with ease and be SmartBridge compatible right out of the box.

1 of 5 completedTasks

  • Integrate code and make wallet compatible
  • Update Lite-Client Libraries to support multiple chains
  • Make Instructions and easy walk through
  • Update ARKCommander for new start-ups
  • Design UI for ease of use

Integration of InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). 40% Complete 0 / 1 Tasks


IPFS(Inter-planetary File System) is a peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol. With IPFS integrated ARK will address large amounts of data and place the immutable, permanent IPFS links into the ARK blockchain with out the bloat. It will timestamp and secure your content, without having to put the data on the chain itself.

0 of 1 completedTasks

  • Implement IPFS into ARK core.

Formation of business entity. ie, foundation. 90% Complete 0 / 1 Tasks


Currently this is not required for ARK  nor is it a priority. It is on the roadmap because we feel it is a step into future ideas and projects, and we are still investigating multiple options. We are deciding which route is best for the future currently.

0 of 1 completedTasks

  • Research foundation and choose best option for ARK's future

Website Redesign 55% Complete 0 / 1 Tasks


Complete overhaul of website.

0 of 1 completedTasks

  • Redesign site

Deployment of testnet clones for start-ups. 73% Complete 1 / 4 Tasks


Push button deploy-able testnets for anyone that wants to test or build something on ARK, or for ARK. Making it easy for anyone to have their own ARK testnet to try new and exiting things.

1 of 4 completedTasks

  • Setting push button genesis blocks and in wallet access.
  • Updating desktop wallet to handle testnet chains
  • Making easy to use intructions
  • Updating ARKCommander to use with new testnet chains

SmartBridge documentation and instructional videos 20% Complete 0 / 1 Tasks


Making Documentation for SmartBridge. Making it Easy to understand with instructional tutorials. Also a more technical SmartBridge White Paper.

0 of 1 completedTasks

  • Writing documents, making tutorials.

Integrating ARK as payment for Merch Store 0% Complete 0 / 1 Tasks


Accepting ARK in the ARK Merchandise Store.

0 of 1 completedTasks

  • Integrating ARK into woocommerce, gocoin, or other payment processors.

Development of various Smart Card/NFC materials. 40% Complete 0 / 3 Tasks


Research, Sourcing, and Development of various Smart Card/NFC materials.

0 of 3 completedTasks

  • Research of Smart Card/NFC devices.
  • Beta Testing
  • Production and distribution

NFC/contactless chip wearable devices and hardware wallets. 72% Complete 1 / 4 Tasks


Partnerships and R&D for NFC/contact less chip and wearable devices. With optional hardware wallets.

1 of 4 completedTasks

  • Research
  • beta testing
  • Production and distribution partnership research
  • Integration into Ledger Hardware Wallets and ARK desktop wallet compatability

Point of Sale hardware R&D 15% Complete 0 / 1 Tasks


Researching Point of Sale Hardware integration and services.

InterPlanetary DataBase (IPDB). 10% Complete 0 / 1 Tasks


Integration of InterPlanetary DataBase (IPDB). This depends on final release. Learn more here

Explorer Redesign/Rebuild 50% Complete 1 / 3 Tasks


Complete Redesign/Rebuild of ARK block explorer.

1 of 3 completedTasks

  • Research/Assign Team and tasks
  • Build Back end of new explorer
  • Front end UX/UI