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ARK is an open-source blockchain ecosystem that provides users with innovative and easy-to-use blockchain technologies. Our supportive community, extensive range of products and easy-to-implement technology, underpinned by the ARK Public Network, empowers individuals to adopt and apply blockchain technology in their everyday lives.
DPoS Consensus 51 delegates secure and validate the network
Decentralized Forging delegates can be voted in/out at any time
Secure Our wallets and products are highly secure
Fast 8 second block times ensures a blazing fast network
Simple User-friendly wallets and easy-to-use products
Practical Products, applications and tools for everyday use

Become a Delegate

The ARK Public Network is governed by 51 forging delegates through a modified Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus model. These forging delegates can be voted in/out at any time and are tasked with both securing the network and validating blocks. ARK continually looks to increase the number of delegates competing for forging position – if you think you can help secure the network and add value to the broader ecosystem, learn what it takes to become a delegate. Learn More

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The ARK Community welcomes everyone, from experienced developers to blockchain enthusiasts, all with one shared goal - to help grow the ARK Ecosystem. If you have an idea, or something you'd like to say then join us, we'd love to have you on board.

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