A Wallet for Everyone

The ARK desktop and mobile wallets are highly secure. The intuitive user interface makes them quick and easy to use. Plus, with 8-second block times, you can even see your transactions occur in real-time. All this means the ARK Wallet is one of the best cryptocurrency wallets out there. Whether you're checking your balance, sending & receiving funds or voting for your preferred delegate – ARK wallets make it as easy as possible.

Desktop Wallet

The ARK Desktop Wallet is natively built for all major operating systems such as Windows, macOS or Linux. Our full HD wallet meets the top security standards in the industry and is even compatible with the Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X secure hardware wallets. ARK wallets connect to fully synced network peers removing the need to download the full blockchain, meaning you can get your wallet up and running in minutes.

Mobile Wallet

You should have access to your ARK tokens whenever and wherever you need them. That's why ARK has easy-to-use mobile wallets for both Android and iOS. Send & receive funds or check your balance, even on the go!

Easy Access

Quick and easy access to your ARK tokens, anytime, anywhere with the ARK Mobile Wallet

Secure Access

Funds are safely secured with AES-256 encryption and custom selected PIN

Vote for Delegates

With the ARK Mobile Wallet you can search delegates, see rankings and more, all from your mobile device.

Import Wallets

All your ARK addresses all in one place. Import your wallets or create new directly from the mobile app.